venerdì 10 giugno 2011

Cinque motivi per i quali è stupido cancellare i post dal proprio blog

Io stesso, nel momento in cui ho deciso di "riaprire" questo blog mi sono posto la domanda fatidica. cancello oppure no tutti i post "vecchi", dove si tratta solo della quotidianità, della mia vita personale, oppure lasciarli perché fanno parte del mio modo di essere? Ovviamente l'articolo originale parla di business ma penso possa essere applicato, il ragionamento, anche agli aspetti personali. L'istinto mi aveva consigliato di tenerli e l'ho seguito. Forse non ho fatto male. Buona lettura.

5 Reasons Why Deleting Your Blog Posts Is Stupid

chalk eraserSteve Rubel is a pretty well known dude. As a popular blogger and PR firm Edelman's EVP of digital strategy, if Steve does something radical on the web, people will take notice. And that's exactly what happened when he decided to trade the two blogs he'd maintained over several years for a new Tumblr blog, deleting the hundreds of his blog posts he'd created along the way.

That's right -- he deleted all of the content he'd created and started with a clean slate. Um...what?
Discussing his reasoning for his use of the scorched earth policy in a recent blog post, Steve said he moved his digital presence to Tumblr because, with Google's increasing focus on social signals, it was the best social platform available. So why delete his old posts, too? Steve says it's because he wanted to centralize his web presence, and he didn't want to confuse Google with multiple sources of content and a scattered web presence.
Only time will tell whether this was the right move for Steve, but he still admits that while the move to Tumblr and adoption of the scorched earth policy might make sense for thought leaders' personal brands, it might not be the best strategy for businesses. Here's why...

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Fonte / Source: Steve Rubel per Pamela Seiple via Hubspot Blog
Photo Credit: Sharat Ganapati