sabato 11 giugno 2011

La scienza del rinnovo dei siti web. Nuova appassionante puntata

Una nuova puntata de "La Scienza del redesign del sito web". Nessuna anticipazione. Tutto da gustare e la grande opportunità di partecipare ad un appassionante webinar.

The Science Behind Website Redesign

website redesign

2/3 of marketers were happy with their last website redesign!

Roughly 1/3 of website redesigns do not go well.

HubSpot CMO Mike Volpe recently delivered a content-heavy webinar, The Science of Website Redesign, based on his research. Once you learn it, you’ll very well be good to go. But not sure what website redesign consists of? Check out this condensed sum-up of when, who, why, what, and how FYIs; then, access the materials you won’t find anywhere else.

WHEN to redesign
Webinar: How often should you do a website redesign? When is the right time to redesign your website?

Quick FYI: It’s not about what people think. When you redesign depends on the data changes in your business. Whether you’re redesigning or not, make sure the content on your site is constantly evolving.

WHO does the redesign
Webinar: Who does the work on website redesign projects? Who initiates website redesign projects?

Quick FYI: You can either go through the process internally, or hire somebody else to do it. If you’re unsure you can do it, leverage an expert to improve your website. (If you are a small business, be careful going into the redesign process, or else you may fall into the portion of unsatisfied results.) [...]

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Fonte: Angela Bray per Mike Volpe via Hubspost Blog