sabato 18 giugno 2011

6 errori 6 (nostri) nel Social Media Marketing e la soluzione a tutti

Sovraccaricati di informazioni e con tanta voglia di far sapere e conoscere alle volte sovraccarichiamo di informazioni oppure non ne mettiamo abbastanza. Errori di pianificazione, di definizione di obiettivi ed errati "focus". Tante piccole cose che ci possono creare dei problemi. Buona lettura.

6 Social Media Marketing Mistakes…and How to Fix Them

With all of the information out there about social media, it is tough to know what to pay attention to and what to take with a grain of salt.  Yet even with all of this information, we all still make our fair share of mistakes when executing our social media marketing campaigns.
As an owner of a social media-marketing firm, everyday I speak with people who are trying to make the most out of their Facebook and LinkedIn profile, or making their “tweets” count on Twitter.  The following are a few of the most common mistakes that I have seen companies make on social media and what we can do to combat them in the future.
Mistake #1: Lack of Research on the Platform
This is a very important one.  With all of the hype around social media (and also due to the fact that creating accounts is free and easy), many of us are eager to just jump in headfirst.  Keep in mind that social media is a branding and visibility platform and thus needs to carry the right messaging and voice.  Before you go full speed ahead, first see what you are getting yourself into.
I suggest creating a sparse profile and taking the time to look through each site.  Where is your target market?  What is your competition doing right (which can really help you come up with a strategy)?  What applications can be useful?  How are people communicating?  What tools to I have to communicate with my market?  While Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter can work to everyone’s advantage, if you only have time to manage one or two presences, it is best to be able to pinpoint the right ones and save yourself time and effort.
Top tip: a great way of seeing what sites suit your business is by asking your existing audience via polling.
Mistake #2: Lack of Focus
When you execute an advertising campaign, you know whom you are targeting.  When you do a public relations campaign, you know what market you are trying to reach out to.  When you do an email marketing campaign…. well, you get the point.  Social media is no different.
Social media allows us to target with laser focus, you just need to identify whom you are trying to reach. Once identified, the key is to connect with “meaningful people” not just random people to get “the numbers.”  Come on, why connect with 10,000 people who don’t care about you?  What good does that do?  Find connect and engage with people that matter.  Focus!
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