lunedì 20 giugno 2011

I "ranking factors" da guardare nel 2011

SEOMoz ha da poco pubblicato la 2011 Ranking Factors Guide, che è il riferimento essenziale per i marketer per conoscere al meglio il loro mondo in rete. Tenuto conto che l'intero rapporto è molto grande, di seguito troverete alcuni dei punti principali, i più importanti per chi legge. Buona lettura.

3 SEO Ranking Factors To Watch in 2011

SEOMoz has just published their 2011 Ranking Factors Guide, which is the essential reference for search marketers to learn about the new or changing factors shaping their world. While the entire report is very large, I've pulled out some of the most important details to our readers, based on the questions and discussions that I see on a daily basis from HubSpot customers and fans. If you're interested in reading more of the report or looking at their raw data, you can find it on SEOMoz's site here. The overview page alone contains some great insights from a survey of some of the top search engine optimization experts today.

Trend Number One: Exact-Match Keyword Domains Going Away
SEOMoz calls out something specifically that has been a particular thorn in the side of many marketers: Exact-match keyword domain names. If you've never heard that term before, that means domain names that match the exact keyword phrase they want to rank for, such as "" for the phrase "Boston Barber Shop". These used to be an incredibly powerful way to rank for specific keywords, but their value is dropping quickly. Last year, exact-match .com domains had a .38 correlation with higher rankings, which is very strong. This year, they are down to .22 correlation, and the feedback from individual optimizers is much more negative. Lindsay Wassell provided the comment, "Exact match domains, while still highly effective today are beginning to wane in power." There is still some value to that exact-match domain that you might be using, but the value given by that is beginning to shrink and it will only go further downhill. As with all things, as people got better about buying domains up or trying to game the system with exact match domains, Google has turned down the value of them.
Takeaway: If you're on an exact match domain today for a generic phrase, make sure that you're doing other activities that will support the natural ranking of your site so that you don't lose your rankings. If you're not on one, don't sweat it- This just means your competition is losing a trick.
The next two trends have a lot to do with both what Google and Bing have been saying for the last few months, and the opinions of what search engine optimization experts are seeing in the wild: How people use your site matters almost as much as what's on your site. Usage data, social media sharing, and more is important to understanding how you will rank in search engines. Below is a chart from the SEOMoz survey, of the factors that SEOs believe will increase the most in the next year in importance for search rankings.

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Fonte: SEOmoz via Brian Whalley per Hobspot Blog